JD Graham
2 min readJul 22, 2022
Photo by Noman Shahid on Unsplash


We are born into
black and white
Until life drips —
in the form of change
in the form of pain
in the form of shame
that begins to rearrange
inner and outer
Until we become


We hunger for longing
for belonging
shapeshifting into pipe cleaners
bending to fit in holes
never meant for us
we are insatiable
longing for love
that doesn’t leave
filling ourselves on
other people’s poet trees


Until we can no longer
bear the colors life drips —
in the form of heartache
in the form of rejection
in the form of…
beautified bullshit

And so we hide
no longer who we once were
no longer bending, only breaking
eating ourselves from the inside out

We hang
in our own darkness

Broken down
into pieces of our former selves
not realizing that this,
this is the chrysalis
our very antithesis
of who we thought ourselves to be
in the chrysalis
of awakening


And so we die to self

The old has gone,
the new has come
Where once lived
now exists
And the life we once knew —
All undone
with the exception of life’s colors
reflected in our wings



JD Graham

Writer, Creator, Mystic, & Lover of words. ❤️ I write to change the world, loving by faith, not sight.